plastic surgery
A small part of me wondered if I'd made a $7,000 mistake.
Men aren’t supposed to feel fat -- you just go work out and run and diet properly and fix it. Studies show that most men with anorexia don’t ever seek help because it’s seen as a “women’s disease.”
eating disorders
I can trace the slow ease into the cycle of starving and bingeing, starving and running, bingeing and running, directly back to church.
She buys me a new scale for every apartment I’ve had, the old one having mysteriously disappeared. Even today, we email each other our weights on a daily basis.
binge eating
No food is health food when you're not healthy about how you're eating it.
By starving, I was killing myself to be anything but the person I was.
crystal meth
I didn’t think of it as “crystal meth.” This was just speed -- a higher-strength Dexatrim than I could buy at the store.
If all he’s ever cared about is whether I’m happy or not, why should I not extend him the same consideration?
body image
I'm sick of defending my appetite, or lack thereof, to people who are concerned, curious, disgusted or jealous.
I started my own Fitblr account, and soon I was just like the rest: re-blogging pictures of skinny girls with their running shoes on and their bones sticking out.
eating disorders
Anorexia, for me, was a confusing and solitary time when I couldn’t even explain why I hated and hurt myself.
eating disorders
I cared deeply for Ben, but became so accustomed to trying to fix him that I lost my own sense of self.
beauty pageants
They clipped the oversized crown to my head and placed the sash over me. Three days later, I had a breakdown.
eating disorders
I know if I never had to be skinny to pay my rent, I wouldn’t have cared one bit about my thighs.
thought catalog
I wish somebody told me that feeling normal will scare the crap out of you at first.
eating disorders
Eating disorders are disorders based in shame, and as a man I felt a whole additional level of shame.
mental health
My goal has ultimately not been to find a professional who is trained in every one of my many inherent mental health challenges, but rather to find one that doesn’t fire me.
It’s been about one year since I made myself throw up -– last Thanksgiving.
eating disorders
I'm not down with framing this as a problem -- because if it's a problem, it needs a solution, and what is the solution if not tell other writers of memoirs about eating disorders to be less forthcoming with their stories?

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eating disorders
Extreme over-training and food restriction is common in nearly every sport that ladies compete in, it's just more noticeable in skating (or gymnastics) because costumes hide precious little.
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