plastic surgery
A small part of me wondered if I'd made a $7,000 mistake.
Men aren’t supposed to feel fat -- you just go work out and run and diet properly and fix it. Studies show that most men with anorexia don’t ever seek help because it’s seen as a “women’s disease.”
eating disorders
I can trace the slow ease into the cycle of starving and bingeing, starving and running, bingeing and running, directly back to church.
She buys me a new scale for every apartment I’ve had, the old one having mysteriously disappeared. Even today, we email each other our weights on a daily basis.
binge eating
No food is health food when you're not healthy about how you're eating it.
By starving, I was killing myself to be anything but the person I was.
crystal meth
I didn’t think of it as “crystal meth.” This was just speed -- a higher-strength Dexatrim than I could buy at the store.
If all he’s ever cared about is whether I’m happy or not, why should I not extend him the same consideration?
body image
I'm sick of defending my appetite, or lack thereof, to people who are concerned, curious, disgusted or jealous.
I started my own Fitblr account, and soon I was just like the rest: re-blogging pictures of skinny girls with their running shoes on and their bones sticking out.
eating disorders
Anorexia, for me, was a confusing and solitary time when I couldn’t even explain why I hated and hurt myself.
eating disorders
I cared deeply for Ben, but became so accustomed to trying to fix him that I lost my own sense of self.
beauty pageants
They clipped the oversized crown to my head and placed the sash over me. Three days later, I had a breakdown.
eating disorders
I know if I never had to be skinny to pay my rent, I wouldn’t have cared one bit about my thighs.
thought catalog
I wish somebody told me that feeling normal will scare the crap out of you at first.
eating disorders
Eating disorders are disorders based in shame, and as a man I felt a whole additional level of shame.
mental health
My goal has ultimately not been to find a professional who is trained in every one of my many inherent mental health challenges, but rather to find one that doesn’t fire me.
It’s been about one year since I made myself throw up -– last Thanksgiving.
eating disorders
I'm not down with framing this as a problem -- because if it's a problem, it needs a solution, and what is the solution if not tell other writers of memoirs about eating disorders to be less forthcoming with their stories?

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eating disorders
Extreme over-training and food restriction is common in nearly every sport that ladies compete in, it's just more noticeable in skating (or gymnastics) because costumes hide precious little.
clean food
eating disorders
When news outlets cover eating disorder issues as if they are a brand-new thing, or just a craze among some teen girls who have been exposed to too much Photoshopping, they’re delegitimizing the struggle of eating disorder patients past and present.