birth control
Want to talk about why you don't use contraceptives? Great. But don't make it into a value judgement on those who do.
sex work
Laws like Hawaii's "police exemption" are yet another example of state-sponsored rape, denying sex workers the right to autonomy over their bodies in the course of their work.
You see, we've been spending all this time blathering on about social inequality and wage gaps and poverty, when really, we should be talking about marriage.
dude seriously?
Women students already struggle with sexual harassment in business school in particular, and polls like these only encourage male students to think of them as perks of an MBA, rather than human beings.
This needs to stop. The US school system is already a grave mockery and a travesty, and situations like this aren’t helping.
A pretty girl next door can have a vagina too, and sometimes things come out of it. Deal.
dude seriously?
You may know Jack Welch as the former CEO of General Electric. I know him as a giant douchebag.