Why is it that we almost seem to worship addiction among one class of people while regarding other addicts as among the lowest of the low?
drug addiction
You know when you're underwater, and you need to come up for a breath? That's heroin withdrawal, only not exactly, because it's worse.
drug addiction
One week would be amazing -- filled with love letters, flowers at work, and plans for our future. The next he would call me crying, saying he got news from his doctors that the cancer was spreading.
ex boyfriends
It’s hard to process that someone you love is dying from an addiction. It’s even harder to see proof that your heterosexual ex-boyfriend is having sex with men for pleasure and for drugs.
Rehab counselors warned us not to stay friends with each other after treatment since most us wouldn’t stay sober, but I felt like Gerry and I would somehow make our post-rehab friendship work, despite the fact that he would always be a hardcore criminal.
drug addiction
I went to see "High" starring Kathleen Turner and now all I can think about is the time I unintentionally stood up my prom date. And how I wish I could have that night to do all over again.
drug addiction
How do you deal with the drug addict that the drugs have left behind?

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father's day
The news of Amy Winehouse’s death hit me like a truck. Here’s how I’m working through what happened.