Here are my five tips for trimming the negativity from your life without letting it consume you.

May 23, 2014 at 1:30pm | 55 comments

Online dating can be a demoralizing exercise in extreme frustration. It's even worse when you're trying to date someone who doesn't bother to mention his sketchy drug and mental health history.
I just have so many trust issues with my new family and am disgusted that they would treat my husband so callously.
Yes, they are cheesy and trashy, but my friend Sarah and I are crazy for Lifetime movies. Here are five of our current top favorites. What's the best one you've seen?
I found the hairdresser conceited, oblivious to my discomfort, unprofessional and I couldn't get over all the crazy cats. My one star was for a good cut, but I would never go back.
The only thing better than ballet being in is creepy ballet being in.

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There are fist fights, lawsuits, blackmail, drug tests, threats of violence, court cases, and police involvement. All of this impressively crammed into the span of less than a month.

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In some ways, friend break-ups are even worse than romantic ones -- and they can carry the same emotional baggage. Still, sometimes they're a necessary evil.
punk rock
The DRAMA! The DARKNESS! The PERFECTION! Let's get our Siouxsie Sioux on.
being a good friend
Be cool. Don’t ask too many questions. And don’t get paranoid about the fact that he’s spending every spare second with his friend Betty.
While most other little girls dreamt about fairytale like wedding where they are a princess and whatever, I dreamt about throwing dishes at my lover’s head and threatening to leave him for my boss
atlantic city
There's nothing noble about pretending like you don't have a birthday.
AMC's incredible 1960s drama returns Sunday, and I'll be by your side all through season five ('cause I'm the "Mad Men girl").
I'm fine with having a vice or six. You should be too.
It’s completely irrational to feel bad about quashing somebody's stalking behavior. But I do.
Believe me, I'm trying to remain calm, but it's hard with all these people gettin' up in my grill.