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My story is about what I went through, trying and failing to protect her and the tragic inaction by police, social workers and the family court system that created a nightmare I never thought we’d escape.
domestic abuse
I would be a crumpled mess on the floor, tears flowing and sobbing heavily. He'd just look at me coldly.
domestic abuse
What D.L. Hughley did on his radio show went past misogyny and into psychological abuse.
domestic violence
People may agree that it’s never, under any circumstances, even remotely OK to assault a woman, “porn stars” are somehow exempt from this creed.
I’ll cut to the chase. I am a committed, lifelong feminist, women's advocate, and in the interest of full-disclosure, I’ve been hit by an intimate partner, too. But there’s no denying it: I am really, really, really mad at Rihanna.
domestic abuse
Part of me doesn't want to betray her trust , but another part is scared not to in a dangerous situation.
domestic abuse
Nearly every county in our nation has a domestic abuse shelter in it, a place where women can go to stay safe. But what most don’t have is a legal department.
abusive relationships
To cover up my circumstances, I would share and comment on articles on my Facebook and Twitter timelines detailing how domestic abuse needs to be talked about.
animal rights
I have lots of problems with PETA. This is just the most recent one.
domestic abuse
Once, my mom spotted a bruised woman with three children holding a cardboard sign in the Wal-Mart parking lot. It was pouring down rain. I was seven. “Stay in the car,” she said, locking me in.
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People also asked why I stayed. I have many quick answers: I thought I could help him, which is true. I loved him, true. The real answer is way more complex.
And as if that weren't traumatizing and despicable enough, Facebook waited FIVE HOURS to take the picture down. I just ... can't even.
trans issues
I didn’t even realize I was becoming an “abused woman” because I had too much self-loathing to consider myself a “real woman.”
domestic abuse
As I battled morning sickness, there was a sickness inside of me. I worried if I would love his face when it looked like his father.
I have Ravens floor mats in my car. There is a Flacco jersey hanging in my closet, and I have several cute purple tops that I rotate through for my office’s participation in Purple Fridays.

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The pacing and the threats would end eventually and he would hopefully leave the house for a while. But this time was different.
domestic abuse
Somehow I let her hurt me. I chalk it up to a combination of immaturity and never expecting domestic violence to come in the package of my supposedly feminist, future doctor girlfriend.
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What makes the situation doubly painful is that some people refuse to even acknowledge that domestic abuse exists “the other way around.”
the good men project
I believed unconditional love meant you stood by your mate through the thickest of times. And I didn’t believe it could get as bad as it did.
domestic abuse
The thought of having to abandon my pets to seek safety is wrenching, and makes me go convulsively hug a cat just because I can.
Everyone talks about the physical aspect of domestic abuse -- which is, of course, no small thing -- but there’s more to it. Conor left me not only physically battered, but nearly bankrupt.
domestic violence
The great thing about being a Congressman’s son is that you can commit assault with basically no consequences, thanks to the power of your father.