The Monster High world is a place where everyone is welcome, a school where bullying is actually punished, a social environment where the traits that the characters initially characterize as “freaky flaws” are really just part of what makes them special.

Oct 24, 2013 at 12:00pm | 239 comments

On television, in movies, in books and now with my dolls, black girls were always having to overcome crazy amounts of adversity with a quick wit and an even temper. These fictitious black girls seemed to be models of perfection without the requisite vulnerability to make them human.

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american girl
When my sister expressed her disappointment at yet another American Girl whose story differed so drastically from hers, I decided that for once: I could help her.
Enter the Rooti doll, which also features European and Eastern European models. The African version presents a variety of skin shades and hair types that definitely surpass the options available for, say, a "Just Like You" American Girl Doll.

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