Be warned, this post is about fat-shaming and weight loss, and it includes specific discussions about weight. (On the other hand, read on if you've been dying to know how much I weigh.)
I don’t know why I didn’t slap her.
slut shaming
Women should feel empowered for taking responsibility of their personal and sexual health, not demeaned and judged for doing so.
Almost every doctor I went to see seemed to just go ahead and assume I was crazy before I even sat down, probably because I wrote or circled things on my forms like "Celexa, 40 mg daily," "Buspar, 30 mg daily" and "history of substance abuse."

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Yeah, that got your attention, didn’t it? A Texas hospital is refusing to hire staff over a certain BMI threshold. I'm telling you why this is a dumb idea.
birth control
Birth control is still stigmatized in the US, and that's bound to make patients uncomfortable when asking for information.
Or Why I'll Never See A Male Gynecologist Again
OR: A brief history of why I hated doctors for so long, and why I finally stopped.
I was locked in an exam room at my optometrist’s office, and I was about to join hands with two technicians and the doctor while they forced me to pray to Jesus.
I feel certain that my doctor did not prescribe me Topamax for its possible weight loss side effects, but that small mention stuck with me as the hardest to process, because it comes with the most baggage.

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pelvic exam
The room was now crowded with THREE medical students, my doctor talking them through what he was doing, and a nurse guarding the door. I felt like they were watching MTV's "True Life: I'm Louise's Vagina".
birth control
IUDs are the most popular form of contraception worldwide and the least popular in the United States. I'm sensing some disconnect here.
What the hell is a trusted “medical professional” doing telling someone in their early 20s that they need to inject their face with a serious neurotoxin?

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This guy is unreal hot and he knows I’m STD free because he did the tests himself.
Doctors (along with the rest of us) sometimes seem to forget that the Internet is a real place with real consequences. The things you say and do there matter, and putting something up on a public Facebook post is like standing on a street corner and yelling.
doctor's visits
Growing up with someone with an intellectual disability taught me that they have the right not to be sweet all the time.
The joy and the wonder of having new life growing inside of you, the fierce bond you develop with your fetus and the supposedly hot fetish sex. I pretty much hated every moment of it.
Is it the responsibility of doctors to watch their words to avoid upsetting patients? Or is their job simply to identify and communicate “facts” truthfully?
A UK hospital is teaching its employees to be more sensitive to their fat patients by making them wear a fat suit. Unfortunately this noble effort undertaken in the best of intentions is totally freaking misguided and rooted in the same assumptions that cause problems in the first place.
brain surgery
My brain was too big for my skull and it was pressing down on my spinal cord, causing severe neurological issues.