breast cancer
Weight-loss surgery is not a subject you broach with someone is worried she might have breast cancer. It's just not.
health issues
I felt like a freak, and not a little unclean. I was too embarrassed to ask my mother, a medical professional, what might be wrong with me. I had never seen anything like it,
birth control
I felt truly embarrassed having to leave in front of a group of people because of something that someone thinks is shameful and not right.
ihtm contest
body image
UGH, I’m getting all serious again. Sorry, but stomach flu just isn’t conducive to beauty writing. This will be brief!
doctor's visits
Growing up with someone with an intellectual disability taught me that they have the right not to be sweet all the time.
doctor's visits
When my son was small, I felt like I was doing it wrong. Like everyone in the world was judging me for the choices I'd made.