hurricane sandy
Obviously my story is nothing compared to anyone truly affected by Sandy’s devastation. But for me, the hurricane was a wake-up call as to just how unhealthy my thinking and behavior still can be.
disordered eating
It wasn’t until months after I left OA that I finally challenged the validity and utility of my “Eating Disorder” label. Is identifying myself as an “Eating Disordered” person for the rest of my life really serving me?
food guilt
Feeling hungry conveniently meant I wasn't feeling anything else.
disordered eating
I'd estimate that at the end of the day, my diet consists approximately of 30% mooched work snacks and 70% congealed unsaturated fat covered with hot sauce, along with a couple of bunches of kale thrown in here and there. I carry around a lot of weird guilt about how unhealthy that is.
Like the end of a relationship, losing my love of food has been kind of heartbreaking.
At 12, my daughter is no longer blissfully unaware of things like thigh gaps and juice cleanses.
While my right breast had developed into a full, rounded, cleavable C cup, my left breast had grown into a pert little teardrop-shaped mound, sitting inches higher than her partner.
Eating again was confusing at first -- after not listening to my body for so long, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between when I was hungry and when I was full.
disordered eating
I call bullshit. The “perfect feminist” does not exist, nor should it.
thought catalog
I wish somebody told me that feeling normal will scare the crap out of you at first.
I went eight years without eating chocolate. (What the fuck was I thinking?) Now I’m making up for lost time.