Without fail, if the male store clerks see me wandering the aisles without my husband in tow, they’ll follow me around as if they’re worried I might be a shoplifter.
The United States, where church and state are supposedly separate, is codifying discrimination on the part of Christian-owned and run entities, and thus far, we haven't seen any high-profile denials of requests for religious exemptions.
I was ready to just cry about it for a few hours and move on, but my family saw the discrimination my naive, young mind couldn’t yet detect.
Many vicious and hurtful things were said about me online, in the media and in the School Board meeting; hurtful and false.
I’m tired of sweating beneath long sleeves just so someone else can pretend I am more like them.
This isn't just about a high school dance, it's about a larger political and cultural symbol.
fat kids
Just when you thought the Boy Scouts couldn’t possibly get any more frustratingly unlikable!
According to a lawsuit filed by three former Target warehouse employees, their workplace environment was no bueno.
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The woman also reached for her phone and began calling the police while spouting, “Imma have them lock you up for a hate crime if you touch me.”
My severe hearing loss has certainly not helped my career.
carla hale
I’m mad as hell. After all, that’s my alma mater you’re talking about.
Sexual discrimination is rampant in the NFL. And it's time for that to come to an end. NOW.
trans issues
One day I was called to a meeting with my manager and the company's human resources director. They were very concerned; rumors had been going around that I was transsexual (which was true, though I had not said so to anyone I worked with).
trans issues
There are reasons many transgender people live in stealth and choose not to undergo transition at work, and cases like this highlight one facet of the dangers facing members of the trans community.
One in five discrimination complaints filed by cis women are pregnancy-related, and they usually involve retaliatory firing.
trans issues
Given the rising number of discussions about bullying and how to fight it in schools, it’s particularly shameful that the people at fault for the bullying of transgender students in elementary school are often adults.
We know, arguing that airport security is racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. is hardly anything new.
I have found that many of the cultural inequities we traditionally assume are gender-based might have just as much to do with size as the seemingly inexcusable lack of a penis.