I'm not saying an album cover is as important as the actual music, but having a good-looking one doesn't hurt.
suri cruise
We don’t know what Suri will develop to like. Specialization at such an early age is too deterministic and, in my eyes, sometimes detrimental.

May 16, 2013 at 4:30pm | 21 comments

It's sooooo easy to click "Buy" on a shopping app, especially when you're tired and the pizza is getting cold because you played the most dangerous parenting game and ordered the food before your child was fully asleep.
If being addicted to books is a boring vice, then call me Boring McBoringstein.
If you have an uglyass sofa, I can help you fix that but only by spending money and kicking your liberal political leanings to the curb.
cat vomit
More of my first world problems, this time I complain about my table that got a giant crack in it for no reason and whine about how no one cared
bad design
Just another design trend that I'm really f*cking sick of.