I’m trying to figure out why I’ve been alone this long, because I’m kind of sick of it. (And everyone at xoJane is sick of hearing about it.)
Guys, I'm a little down this week. What snack should I make?
I tested the residue of one of the capsules we had leftover. When I got those results, a knot settled into the pit of my stomach. "What have I done?" I asked myself.
If you’ve never been pregnant or you’re not a woman, you might not be aware of the pressure that is placed upon women to breastfeed.
gun control
When we're talking about gun safety, we have to talk about suicide.
your outfits of the week
financial hardship
I declared bankruptcy last year. At one point, I was 36, with $100 in the bank and living with my parents.
I opened the door to the garage. My son and I both saw him hanging there.
weight gain
Cut forward to a little over a year, and more than a few nights spent in pursuit of nothing more than Netflix marathons, a rotating diet of takeout food, and bottles upon bottles of wine, and I have gained over 90 pounds.
Sometimes what people refer to as “positivity” is actually denial. I’m all for having a positive attitude, but I have also battled major depression and I’ve had enough of people scolding me in the name of “positivity” if I express a negative emotion.
I shivered on the table as she, this total stranger who was about to examine my vagina, condemned and disparaged my most private battle. I was already laid bare, literally, making me feel enormously vulnerable and awkward.
how not to be a dick
When you tell someone with depression that they should maybe try harder to be happy, it's essentially like telling a diabetic that they could totally make an adequate amount of insulin if they just concentrated a little harder.
I'm still figuring out if I have better quality of life off of antidepressants, but I know one thing: I get sad easier. Here's how I'm coping.
The last few years of my life have been an on-and-off battle with my brain and the bottles of pills that were supposed to fix it.
I’m a human being that deals with mental illness in self-destructive ways, not a bunch of orifices for you to poke because you think my reckless treatment of my body somehow cancels out my autonomy over it.
Spring always makes me inexplicably mopey, to the degree that I sometimes have trouble putting food in my mouth on the regular. If you have this problem, too, I have a few suggestions for meals you can survive on until May.

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It made me scared of medication, and I don’t want to be.
Turns out there's a scientific explanation for why so many of us don't enjoy breaking a sweat.
chiara de blasio
Know what I did this Christmas? I wrote something called "My life is a failure," and I couldn't stop crying.

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mental health
I was a funny person. I laughed a lot. I was just unhappy a lot of the time.