I’m usually a short-shorts kind of girl, but this summer I’m taking things to new lengths.
Though black and indigo are flattering, light denim is a great way to freshen up your look for the warmer months.
No matter what I do, where I’m going or what my sartorial intentions are on any given day, I almost always end up in jeans.
rag & bone
Summer's almost over, so let's max out one of the biggest trends of the season before it dies in the Urban Outfitter’s clearance racks.

Sep 1, 2013 at 12:00pm | 29 comments

This is a three piece denim suit and I've been wearing it for three whole days.
colored denim
I'm talking to you tiny ladies and all the curvy girlies out there. Here are my commandments for pulling off this trend.

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If you buy cheap denim, you know how quick the half-life is. You buy them, they hug your ass like a champ for the first five washings, and then the slow process of jean death begins.
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A lesson in cut-off jorts. Jorts are jean shorts. BOOM. Make that two lessons about jorts.
ask laia
You gotta have a jean jacket in your closet! It's an essential part of a cool lady's wardrobe.
When can you call them boyfriend shorts? Only when you steal them from an actual boy, duh.

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