It's the middle of winter, when my energy has to be conserved for knitting, sipping hot toddies, stoking the fire (this is a lie, I have a fake fireplace) and cuddling the dog. Who wants to work harder in the kitchen?
In which Claire "Scientific Method" Lower tests Amanda "Throw it in the pot, it'll be fine" Blum's recipes for a weeks worth of healthy, easy lunches. Commentary ensues.
What questions do you have about cooking or buying or preparing or hosting or going to Thanksgiving or how to set a table, or serve or wear? Ask away, because that’s what I’ll be answering over the next few weeks.
I went from the comic shop to my very first Jamaican food experience. I was greeted by overwhelming spices, soap operas blasting on the corner TV and a short elderly woman lounging in a recliner.