child abuse
I'm only now speaking publicly about why I wrote the vicious obituary. Even in death, this woman still gives me nightmares.
Almost every doctor I went to see seemed to just go ahead and assume I was crazy before I even sat down, probably because I wrote or circled things on my forms like "Celexa, 40 mg daily," "Buspar, 30 mg daily" and "history of substance abuse."

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What you think losing a child would be like is nothing like how it actually is.

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Because really, what's funnier than some slut bleeding to death from her vagina, right?
spooky stuff
Some people use the Internet for porn, I use it to fall down the rabbit hole of creepy stuff.

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family drama
My bank account is a constant reminder that I only have one parent and that the other one is never coming back.
joan rivers
I’ve never had anyone I was very close with die, maybe it’s like this all the time.
For any girl who has a steady bully, wishing death upon that person is a daily/nightly ritual. But when it actually happens, the last thing you feel is relief or happiness.
family drama
I didn’t know it yet, but by the time I sent that tweet, my mom had already been dead for nine minutes.
I found myself in the embrace of a near-stranger who was overwhelmed with joy just because inconsequential, strange, and silly little me had lived to see another day. I surrendered to her startling affection and took part in the impromptu celebration of my own beating heart.
...And there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Researchers say near-death experiences can be chalked up to an 'electrical surge in a dying brain.' Yes, my dreams are shattered.
ihtm contest
After covering my face and screaming for what felt like hours, I managed to roll my car off of the man.
I would do anything to hear her heartbeat again. Why didn't I record it? I smell her little hat and cry.
Why is a celebrity's path toward serious health problems or death something to take macabre delight in, while a woman discussing the ordinary and often very mundane facts of death is someone to shut down?
I've been a horror-movie junkie since I was a kid. As an adult, I graduated to trashy true-crime books and TV (plus an inexhaustible passion for "Law & Order: SVU"). It's slightly embarrassing, but I'm not alone in this -- am I? Let's discuss.
When he died, just 17 months after his surgery, he left me with bills. He left me with questions. He left me with several girlfriends of his at the funeral.
People ask me how I’m doing, and when I say, “I’m fine,” they nod, assuming I’m holding something back for their benefit. But I’m not. I am fine. I am good. I am all right.

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Make sure you all hug your fur-babies extra tight tonight.
ihtm contest
It was one early morning in February when I decided I needed to get out. I needed to prove to myself I could have an adventure, some sort of quest that would make me realize I could have some sort of meaningful experience unaided by anyone else.