grown up jobs
Interviews are a two-way street, and paying attention as you go through the process can show you a lot about what working there might really be like.
I was proud of my decision to follow my passion, forgo a more stable job and write full-time. But other people's reactions to that news weren't quite what I was expecting.
I had change the way I think about my salary and savings. Though I earn several thousand dollars each month, I now know that I don’t get to automatically spend it all, like I would have when I was in my teens or early 20s and had no debt or living expenses.
day jobs
I may owe you respect, encouragement, the opportunity to develop new skills, the willingness to sell my car to make payroll -- but I don’t owe you a fun time at work.
It's not easy, but it IS possible to work from home successfully -- even if you're a depressed, reclusive sort -- without wanting to stab yourself in the eyeballs.
I have to admit that The Man was kind of good for me, career-wise. The Man gave me benefits, put me up in nice hotels, and didn’t require hourly billing.
But I really do miss being able to fart whenever I feel like it.