I filmed myself and put the videos on YouTube in a series called “A Fat Girl Dancing.” Suddenly, one of my videos went viral and my inbox exploded.
We high school teachers are often short on cash, and sometimes, to supplement our income, we volunteer to do things we hate.
Ecstatic dance, also called “trance dance” is a crazy fun dance party that can leave you in a meditative state.

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I don't know if you guys have ever hung out with a girls' soccer team, but they are often femme as hell.
body image
One by one, members of the dance team were asked to come into a small office area in our sports bras and shorts as our coaches told us if we should work on any “problem areas."
I’d spent years answering questions about my identity with one simple answer: I’m a dancer.
I will sky-dive naked and do lots of things that may seem nerve-wracking before I will attempt a proper Front Poof Ponytail.
How a great therapist and some very public underpants-dancing reminded me that I am fabulous.

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