color treated hair
For anyone who is experiencing texture issues due to overprocessing, allow me to tell you that there IS hope: Within a few weeks, my hair was as manageable as a scared 21-year-old intern again!
Most of the many hairdressers I saw during this year said they had never seen such severe mechanical damage (as opposed to chemical damage, from hair color or chemical straighteners), which obviously made me feel extra special.
dye jobs
I am such a procrastinating, scatter-brained, spazz woman today. With awesome hair, though.
In essence, I did to my hair what my last boyfriend did to me: took me for granted and treated me like crap.
curly hair
Since I am someone who is a former hair abuser (there’s a record on file: feel free to see previous photos of my hair on the Interwebs), I like to say "I’m sorry” to my hair at night a couple of times a week.
ihtm contest
Initially the wigs were a last resort for bad hair days, but over time I became dependent on them, it was like a sick addiction that I couldn’t shake.