daddy issues
My father never knew how to express himself; I never knew how to tell him that I loved him
Note to anyone wanting to reconcile with an estranged family member: Try an offer of coffee at 8 am.

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My naturally long hair is my emotional cover.

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dating is hard
Recently, I wrote an article where I confessed that I have been on so many dates, I’ve lost track and can’t remember them all.
It almost seemed like my dad was doing the porn equivalent of making a kid smoke a ton of cigarettes as a punishment for catching them smoke, desensitizing me to the thrill of watching porn.
There's the argument to be made that it doesn't matter WHAT you say so long as it's in the moment and you're hot for the other person, but I say this is horsefeathers. Some stuff you just should not ever say to someone.
The big sister I always wanted? Supplied by an ex. Fourth of July barbeques, sporting events, family beach trips? Check, check, and check. Buying the FAMILY-SIZED bag of Tostitos on a supermarket run -- well, you just can’t understand how exciting that is to an only child.
deadbeat dads
My father was an abusive pathological liar who went to prison for armed robbery, didn't contact me for 15 years, and then tried to steal my identity.
Actually meeting him or having a conversation with him would, in my mind, solidify the fact that I'm a 31-year-old woman who's never met her father.
I like my men old, flabby and grateful.
daddy issues
We went out and had a nice, big, happy family outing (My mom likes to speculate in retrospect that my dad was just gathering witnesses). Coming home exhausted, we all went to bed except my dad, who stayed up and got high.
daddy issues
Ever wanted to hear your dad recounting how he bedded a 23-year-old ex-student?
daddy issues
I know, duh, right? But here's the actual story.

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The Season 2 opener of LOUIE has me contemplating divorce again, and the feminization of single dads (in a good way).