I look peaceful in this photo, but I'm actually about to be lubricated in cannabis seed butter and entered violently at every orifice until I pass out.

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I know not all cults are as extreme as those examples and some groups are mostly harmless but the idea of group thought in general is still frightening to me.
cultlike devotion
Five years after leaving the group and hearing a bunch of people say, “That sounds like a cult,” I’m ready to admit I was brainwashed.
At 17, I went to a bizarre dinner in rural Mexico with my boyfriend's family and one of their colleagues. It was ... weird. But was it a cult? I might never know.
I knew he was into yoga. I just figured his quarter-life crisis was taking even more of a new-age turn. A little more granola than I usually like in a guy, but this wasn’t very serious so I would let it slide.
To be an exemplar Christian, I couldn't worry about my grades. They didn't matter, I was told. The Lord would take care of my grades!

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As a child, I had imagined that the world would dramatically change when "True Father" (the name church members use for Reverend Moon) passed away.