I get my feelings hurt when someone bumps into me on the street and doesn't apologize. It's exhausting to take everything so personally.
In 17-odd years, the ways we tear down women in power haven't changed a whole lot. Goody.
what the parenting books don't tell you
All those other parents out there? They are way too busy internalizing all this stuff and thinking that THEY are the bad parent to really think that YOU are the bad parent.
Men are universal, women are not, and books about women are niche or genre novels, rather than being serious contenders for Next Great American Novel Status.
When I heard, I cried. Right away, I cried, without even fully understanding what I was crying for.
pop culture
A question I get asked a lot as someone who talks about pop culture from the perspective of a critic who roots my work in social issues, namely: does pop culture (and television in particular) have a responsibility to educate the audience?