This is where I will start to sound a little meshugenna.

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The South African athlete's current murder trial is both captivating and horrifying. Ever been fixated on any trials or criminal cases?
I don’t know what I’d been expecting to find. Not that.

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My brother is incarcerated, charged with manslaughter. And it's my fault.
The best I could hope for was to be as truthful and accurate as possible, in order to do justice by the victims.
I've been a horror-movie junkie since I was a kid. As an adult, I graduated to trashy true-crime books and TV (plus an inexhaustible passion for "Law & Order: SVU"). It's slightly embarrassing, but I'm not alone in this -- am I? Let's discuss.
The day in my life that I was sexually assaulted marked a before-and-after divider in how I felt about myself as a human being and as a woman, and the student paper minimized it to a RAP PUN.
Have you ever gotten super into a famous murder or murderer and then become quietly grossed out with yourself?
"That happens to other people!" is how I've been thinking.

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amanda knox
If I ever made crass or asinine comments about Amanda Knox's attractiveness, or propensity for murder, or very bad ideas, on Twitter, I shamefully retract them.
I stayed up all night screen-grabbing tweets that joked about raping and urinating on a girl they thought might be dead. Welcome to Steubenville.
death penalty
My case involved Jim Fayed, a wealthy gold trader who was accused of the particularly brutal murder-for-hire of his estranged wife Pam in a Los Angeles parking garage.
I'm jumpy around passing cars and men on the street. I fall asleep with a low voice telling me not to scream ringing in my ears.
I was in my apartment when I heard screaming and gunshots coming from somewhere in my building.

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ihtm raw
The next day, they arrested Paul. They didn’t really care about what happened to me, but they needed Paul’s fingerprints and they couldn’t get a court order for them. His fingerprint ended up matching a bloody fingerprint that was at the scene.
The assault against me was the first in a series of 14 unique attacks against women in and around my neighborhood over the last three months. Police have released a sketch of the man’s face, but no arrests have been made.
This, right here, is what we talk about when we talk about “rape culture,” that a group of men should be struck senseless in the face of rape, rather than being moved to step in or get to safety and call the police.
In the newspaper clippings I would eventually dig up from the library, the reporter refers to his home address: my home address.
Gigi knew all my secrets. And I thought I knew all of hers.
sexual assault
If you're wondering why survivors of sexual assault don't want to report it, this is why.
Ever since I was convicted of 14 crimes -- all white-collar-type financial offenses -- I've been living at the maximum-security York Correctional Institution.
Apparently the secret to surviving a hijacking is not knowing it’s happening until it’s all over.