Don’t stop drinking or recycling. Just use all those wine bottles and corks to make cool crafts!

Apr 29, 2014 at 11:30am | 16 comments

elizabeth street
Spring is fast approaching, and we're bringing you five stunning crafts to make with pressed flowers.
iron-on letters
Pasties are like unicorns. Everyone knows what they are, but few have actually seen them in real life, and even fewer have actually experienced them.

Jul 28, 2013 at 12:00pm | 41 comments

I have twigs in my yard, you have twigs in your yard -- let's make the neighbors think we're weirdos by wandering around picking up the sticks that look the most like antlers. OK?
Home improvement is just not my thing. I’m really talented at making a complete balls out of any project, no matter how simple.
broke gift solutions
If you get one of these from me for Christmas, act surprised, okay?
Reality TV stars inspire blogs, clothing lines, fragrances, and even foods (SkinnyGirl™ Margarita, anyone?). So why NOT a series of quilts?
My friend Kathy is so passionate about glitter she spearheaded a pro-glitter rally (and charity fundraiser).
Maybe put the nipple doilies away when Mom comes to visit. Or maybe not.
Make your Halloween a little freakier and more adorable with these DIY projects curated by me especially for you. And download our 1st xoJane Celebrity Jack-O-Lantern stencil, JANE PRATT HERSELF!
I have many elaborate fantasies of myself as a crafty woman. I often like to go to a special place in my mind which looks a lot like a J.Crew catalogue from 1999.

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How do you expect to brag like a jerk about how much work you put into your holiday gifts if you don't start crafting them NOW?!
brett bara
Find out which three readers (is it YOU?) scored FREE copies of Brett Bara's "Sewing in a Straight Line," watch a video tutorial, and see if my attempt at this pillow cover is a dream or a dud.
Laia's statement necklace post inspired me to try edible baubles again. And apparently, like Homer Simpson, everything I see turns into food.

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