I put up with mean-girl treatment at my nail-salon job, but a getting bit by a bed bug at my station was the last straw.
office parties
Isn't there always that ONE person at work who everybody adores and you just can't?
I don’t want to be a tattletale, but part of me feels like she should be called out for it!
office appropriate
I want to start wearing make-up to work but I am dreading the comments/questions.
social media
The goofy, dorky awkwardness I have in person transforms into sharply delivered one-liners on Twitter and Facebook.
It's comforting to come how to your partner after a long day of work and complain to your partner about what a douchenugget your cubemate is? But what if your partner IS your cubemate?
mental health
Would they fire me? Would they judge me? Do they think I'm just making excuses? Was this a mistake?
Angela and I look nothing alike. Yet every day, I am approached with a “Hi… Angela right?”, with my desk name tag right in front of them, or “Thanks Ange- I mean Candace, I’m sorry!”, peppered with an awkward giggle.

Jun 18, 2013 at 11:30am | 237 comments