I was stunned that a product that encourages sexual health and wellness would be so frowned on by society.
One hot-shot yoga dude thinks it's, like, totally fine, but others aren't so sure.
the pill
The author of a controversial new book about the alleged risks and dangers of hormonal birth control shares her thoughts on the matter.
After being told he has six months to live because of an enlarged heart, 15-year-old Anthony Stokes was recently informed he would not be placed on the list to receive a life-saving heart transplant because of his history of “non-compliance.”
sexual violence
My own emotional response to the photos was not immediately one of anger and outrage. It was something else. Even after reading the headline, my emotional response to the images remained complicated.
michelle shocked
I was heartbroken by the news of Michelle Shocked's rant. Then I was concerned by what my Web site ran right after the news broke.
birth control
I cannot get the taste of balls out of my mouth. Help!

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