Would it ruin your day if you didn’t shout a racial slur in mixed company?
You know that Ben Folds song, "The Luckiest"? When it comes to his shows, I'm the opposite.
betty who
I know, I know. Going to events by yourself can be terrifying. But it's also a great way to make new friends, have an adventure or at least get out of your comfort zone a little.
music festivals
I suffer from claustrophobia and history of an array of anxiety disorders, even typing about being caught in some sort of mosh pit is making me anxious.
unpopular opinion
You paid to come pack your body into a dingy, sweaty room where people large and small can and will spill beer on you and you choose to be upset at the 5-inch thing that person is holding?
I’ve uttered some pretty ridiculous half-truths to try and maintain some sort of “indie cred.”
how not to be a dick
Being nice is my preferred method of operating, but sometimes you have to push and shove to get anything done. Sometimes you have to be a little rude.
I started out on a crusade for wedges and ended up backstage at a Lenny Kravitz concert. Magic, I tell you! There were also a lot of oysters and a boat involved.

May 26, 2013 at 12:00pm | 51 comments

Sea salt spray is prettttty much the same thing as sweat. Honestly.
Alternate Title: "Do you remember the first time?" (I never did see Pulp live, which is for the best, as I imagine Jarvis Cocker would not have survived the force of my lust.)
It SHOULDN'T take a lot of money to show your devotion for the ladiest of the ladies.