gay and lesbian
coming out
When I complimented her new hair color, there was mutual lingering eye contact. GAY LINGERING EYE CONTACT.
“You’re dating a girl? That’s weird, because you look like you’d be really good at giving blowjobs.”
People see me smiling all the time and ask, "Why are you so happy?" My smile comes from being able to be me.
coming out
For a few years I prayed to be straight, every night as I cried in my bed. Eventually, I started praying to die in my sleep.
coming out
The phrase "coming out" almost always conjures a single big, dramatic reveal: You do it once. But that isn't the whole story.
ellen page
As a fellow Canadian, I always felt like I was watching Ellen Page grow up before my eyes. Now, after her inspiring public coming-out speech on Friday, I admire her even more.
world of warcraft
Even though I'd never met him in person, I took a chance on Zack. I wired him gas money, gave him super-detailed directions, and waited for him to show up on my doorstep.
The idea of transition scared me more than anything I had ever considered in my life. I could lose my job, my relationship, everyone and everything in my life.
Technically, I'm "out." Except up until now, I've done dick about it. Bad choice of words?

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I was also scared of what this meant for my worldview. The one structured around a religious dogma that assured me homosexuality was always wrong and gay people needed to be “cured.
In one year, I got pregnant with my boyfriend and I gave birth with my girlfriend.
sex work
The most powerful reaction I've heard when coming out has been, "OMG, me, too!" I've found this connection with friends I've known for years and strangers within minutes of meeting each other.
coming out
Bearing in mind all of that left wing, liberal sentiment that was a staple in my childhood - you’d think I’d have come out to them by now, yes? Nope.
coming out
Whereas I realize better than most the costs of turning your life and your very identity into a political statement, I also know that it is sometimes our secrets that make us sick, more so than whatever it is that we’re hiding.
coming out
I’m really looking forward to the day when I can imagine inducting a celeb into the LGBT Club without having a giant freakout about it.
be yourself
I never planned on coming out to anyone because I didn’t think it was important enough for me to do. But I think that’s also because I never thought I’d be in a relationship important enough to share with my family.
coming out
Sometimes I think about buying, seriously.

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