I really dislike when people say a woman is funny because “she thinks like a guy.” No, she thinks like a hilarious woman, idiot.
Jenn Tisdale got to do just that, with none other than JAMES DEEN. And then she got to write about it, and then I simply HAD TO ask her some kiss-and-tell Qs about their dirty encounter.
Have you ever said something in a group of guy friends and immediately after one of them says the exact same thing like he’s translating you into guy?
the frisky
Last Sunday, John informed me we were going to do a juice cleanse.
I’m on stage. But on this particular night, about five minutes into my set, a table of 10 dudes starting chanting: “Show us your tits! Show us your tits! Show us your tits!”
jen kirkman
"I'm just learning how sensitive people are, and sometimes they think that if you're doing something different, then you're judging them."
Gilbert Gottfried knows offensive humor. And boy does he ever know how to get fired.

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He's my co-worker, he's my life partner, and he's a grown up, just like me.
I asked about 30 comedians (mostly straights with a small portion of sweet, sweet gays) if comedy helps or hinders dating & sex.
We love comments as much as we love pizza!

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ask people cooler than you
I need new tunes. You need new tunes. Here are some tunes!