I was the only person of color on my team but that didn’t bother me. It actually seemed like an asset at first. Being black with an engineering degree drew people to want to know more about me.
My job is straight out of '1984,' plus I’m being bullied. Between the cameras and the nepotism and the unwavering fear factor, I’m shocked I’ve made it this long.
Coupled with the fact I'm still kind of depressed/anxious, I'm scared of losing my job and scared that nobody will ever like me and I'll always have to walk into work with that feeling of dread.
I know I'm not getting fired but I want to be perfect, you know?
It's not easy, but it IS possible to work from home successfully -- even if you're a depressed, reclusive sort -- without wanting to stab yourself in the eyeballs.
A short skirt is not "asking for" sex. Writing about sex is also not "asking for" porn.

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how not to be a dick
If you see something in the fridge or on the counter or wherever, and it looks might tasty but you know it didn't ride shotgun with you to work that day, walk the hell away.
I’ve been happily married for five years and the sex with my wife is great, I just gave into an impulse.
I make lists, and then lose the note pads. I write REALLY IMPORTANT things on my hand, and then wash them off by accident. I rip off post-its full of bullet points from meetings and then chuck them away with my lunch rubbish.
When I first got to my current job and saw the Snack Cabinet, it was like a choir of angels descending on my upturned face. Until I noticed that I was only eating Wheat Thins and Jolly Ranchers, forever.
He's my co-worker, he's my life partner, and he's a grown up, just like me.
being a jerk
Women are socialized to value relationships over accomplishments. So when should you respond to your inner ambitious freak?