This is definitely NOT how affordable housing incentives are supposed to work.
class war
Historically, caregiving has been one of the most undervalued professions in society despite being one of the most important, and labor organizer Ai-jen Poo is setting out to change that.
Pretending to be homeless for three days doesn't provide insight into what it's like to be homeless, any more than other “empathy” simulations offer a real glimpse into the lives of others.
domestic violence
In a country where domestic violence is often hidden away behind closed doors, it’s exploding onto the streets. The question is: what are we, collectively, going to do about it?
To understand what is happening in Turkey, first you need to understand Taksim Gezi Square -- or, as it is has become known on Twitter, #OccupyGezi.
There’s not a lot of self-examination among many of the people who compete at and attend horse shows, because to do so would be to question their own culture.
breast cancer
For now, all I can do is hang my hopes on the slim percentage that I won’t get breast cancer, knowing that if a tumor develops, it’s not like I can afford to treat that either.
Lashing out at thin women to tell them they aren’t wanted isn’t the way to address disparities and prejudices in fashion.
capitalism is not your friend
Mayer thinks maternity leave is for chumps, wants to abolish working from home, and seems to have a vision of “equality” that involves women being just like men -- even though they live in a society where this isn’t feasible.
state of the union
Naturally, being a pinko commie queer who is never satisfied, I’m not totally happy with the President’s minimum wage proposal.
class war
I’m one of those horrible Android users ruining your Instagram forever.
beverly hills
If you were airlifted straight to Rodeo Drive, you’d have no idea the United States is in the grip of an economic meltdown; you’d probably think it was a wealthy, happy, healthy country.
class war
Some of the ATT trucks around town have a sticker I’ve always loved: If you like a 40 hour work week, thank a union member.

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