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I'm naming my favorite one hundred beauty products of all time in no particular order -- let's start with this bad bitch and yes, another post featuring a kimono.
The way you treat and prep your skin makes all the difference. It's just like putting on an outfit: if your bra doesn't fit and your knickers pinch you, you'll be uncomfortable in even the cutest dress.
Brought to you by the cheapest beauty broad NOT in the beauty biz.
As much as I like writing, sometimes it's nice to hear someone's voice and watch the weird ways they gesticulate.

Aug 22, 2012 at 2:30pm | 144 comments

My battle with dry, flaking skin is neverending but these wonder products are saving my LIFE.
My skin care motto? Don't put all of your aesthetic eggs in one basket. Translation: Don't just trust your face wash alone.