The women who write about their CDD experiences online are not complaining. Many of them report feeling extremely calm and relaxed after being disciplined, and believe it is an expression of their husband caring about them enough to help them modify their behaviour.
Am I crazy? Repressed? Am I brainwashed with legalistic doctrine that I was force fed my whole life? Actually, no.
Pensacola Christian College markets itself as “one of the friendliest college campuses in America." In reality, it is one of the most dangerous places for abuse victims.
Should I have asked her, politely, to stop with all the religious talk? Am I overreacting?
I knew I would lose most of my friends when I became an atheist, and it took me about three years to be able to publicly admit my new belief. I'm still nervous.
Everyone seemed friendly enough and I eased into the work without a hitch. But then, it happened.
Michelle and I had been dating for nearly three years when we decided to break with the Christian sexual ideals I was raised with.
slut shaming
One day, about a year-and-a-half after I had started working for my boss, he called my father at work and asked to come in for a meeting, one Christian man to another.
My four years in Christian college left me with 40,000 dollars worth of student loan debt (let’s make you more like Jesus: super poor!), an intact hymen, and blowjob skills to die for.
The religion is based on the erroneous notion of British Israelism (the idea that Anglo-Saxon people are descendants of biblical Israel -- an idea actual DNA does not support), and we follow a model of Christianity similar to what first-century Christianity might have been.

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When we visited our county museum, my mom and I were asked if we were “part of the pioneer exhibit.” Long before America gawked at the Duggers’ quaint dresses and dated hair on TLC, I lived in a family freak show.
ihtm contest
No doubt he represents himself as Mr. Squeaky Clean Role Model to the parishioners in his wholesome Midwest hometown. They just don’t know he’s really a kinky sex maniac who’s totally into coveting thy neighbor’s wife.
beckie francis
I always felt lame for being lazy and unathletic. Now I'm just grateful I got to avoid college sports coaches like this apparent nutjob Beckie Francis.
dating outside of your religion