You feel responsible for the kid you see in front of you, the kid clearly suffering from a lifetime of abuse and neglect, this kid whose life might have maybe been different, if only. You play “if only” a lot.
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Sexual abuse happens to a lot of children -- we’re talking one in four girls and one in six boys. Are a quarter of your girlfriends murderers?
child abuse
I'm only now speaking publicly about why I wrote the vicious obituary. Even in death, this woman still gives me nightmares.
woody allen
There are new details emerging about Woody Allen's alleged abuse of his then-7-year-old daughter with Mia Farrow. It's disturbing, but will it make anyone stop seeing his movies?
I struggle to grasp how much awareness could actually be raised by changing my Twitter userpic to the Wishbone Day logo for 24 hours.
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My story is about what I went through, trying and failing to protect her and the tragic inaction by police, social workers and the family court system that created a nightmare I never thought we’d escape.
Natascha Kampusch, Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Lee Dugard all went through accusations and questions about why they didn't try to escape. But no one who has never been in that situation can possibly understand what it's like -- to genuinely feel like you will be killed if you leave a room.
I was asked to leave camp and never come back for speaking out against a man who would later be convicted of raping a child.

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Terrell Owens admits his grandmother beat him. However, he also gives her all of the credit for his success and, seemingly, none of the blame for his failures.
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There’s a natural cognitive bias towards believing that someone who’s in your tribe, someone you identify with, can do no wrong. And that can allow a lot of wrong to get done.
This anti-child abuse commercial will ruin your day. It is also brilliant.

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