For a long time, I loved animals too much to feel OK about eating them. Then a nutritionist suggested I try eating some poultry for mental health reasons. I did -- and now I feel guilty for loving it.
the joy of cooking
Vegetarians -- and anyone else squeamish about raw meat -- might want to skip this one.
Perhaps the most surprising thing about my first trip to France some years ago was discovering how light much of French food is. However, this is not one of those dishes because F that, we're suiting up for winter.
One of my first food memories is hanging out with Mimi and cooking Arroz con Pollo. It’s seemed like we used to eat Cuban chicken and rice at least once a week. As a grown-up, it’s still one of my favorites, reminds me of home and family.
Cooking for a party of one is awesome, just ask my buttery black garlic roast chicken -- and my ass.