leaked photos
These leaks (like others) has been met with the usual mixture of victim blaming and outrage that women dared to take pictures of their own bodies for reasons other than publication.
joan rivers
Celebrity sex is disgusting. It’s always impersonal, usually degrading and there's no limo ride home the next morning.
This was, as of yet, the biggest day of my life, and Brown’s administration made me feel small. It made my family feel small.
adam richman
He told a friend of mine to kill herself, told another to eat a bag of sh-t, and completely went on the attack, lacking any modicum of class or decorum.
kim kardashian
I once wrote a post suggesting 37-year-old “True Blood” stud Alexander Skarsgard and 64-year-old Oscar-winner Meryl Streep were romantically involved, just to see if the rumor would catch on.
As much as I tried to resist it, Miley had made me into the monster I had most dreaded becoming. Fame -- or, at least, a passing resemblance to someone famous -- had changed me.
Or that time I worked out with a celebrity trainer and she said some kind of messed-up stuff.
one direction
Do I need to throw out my One Direction cups and my Union Jack shirt?
Two words: Ryan Gosling (I know). I've got others, too. Let's hear yours, please!
Katy loves her foundation, big lashes, thick brows, and bold lips, but it’s nice to see her rocking a clean face with just a bit of color. It’s WORKING.
Jezebel recently published the name and photos of the "woman who broke up Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore." I don't buy that.
lindsay lohan
miley cyrus
Snooki tells us what post-baby sex is like, why she plans to keep baby Lorenzo off TV, how building her dream house dictates when she'll finally tie the knot, the unexpected celebrity she just got wasted with in New York and whether or not she has any regrets.
Every once in awhile, my dogs will pose for pictures, and if I am very quick about it, then they may allow for an easily put on accessory or even a full costume.

Feb 28, 2013 at 1:30pm | 56 comments

At one of the red lights, he leaned over to kiss me. I assumed that when you’re as famous and sought-after as he was, that’s just what you did and that any woman who found herself lucky enough to be kissed went along with it.

Feb 21, 2013 at 12:30pm | 275 comments

lisa lampanelli
The "queen of mean" dishes like she's never done before to xoJane on being an addict. To food and dudes.
We subject ourselves to modern superwomanhood: running ourselves ragged, trying to pay our dues to the women who had to stifle themselves so that we could earn the opportunity to occupy space.
I’ll cut to the chase. I am a committed, lifelong feminist, women's advocate, and in the interest of full-disclosure, I’ve been hit by an intimate partner, too. But there’s no denying it: I am really, really, really mad at Rihanna.