i love cats
I am That Person who, upon spying a cat pretty much anywhere, immediately goes "kitty!" and veers off in search of the cat.
Do you think there's a shelter for unwanted Home Depot managers somewhere?
I was a die-hard cat person growing up. That is, until my early 30s, when I adopted a dog with a bunch of pretty major issues -- and I Iearned to love her anyway.
Animals are furry! Plus they make us feel less alone. Here are five reasons why I've always been head-over-heels for them. Tell me your reasons, too.
My family fantasy centered around me, a feminist dude partner, and two adopted daughters that I could call Mary and Margot after my favorite lady monarchs. Our home would ooze estrogen and empowered ladyhood.

May 16, 2013 at 5:00pm | 113 comments