Cat meets me at a coffee shop in New York City's East Village last night looking like a punk rock Tinker Bell. She's wearing a black lace leotard, a stretchy self-made miniskirt and tiny white ballet flats -- the ones I tried to talk her out of months ago.

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Yesterday Cat threatened to refill her Adderall prescription, and guess what, people? I will NOT let this happen.
When Jeremy Feist moved in with his partner, he knew he’d have to get used to living with a cat. He just didn’t realize that cats were truly this terrible.
I went through Cat's bag and all I found was this lousy bag of blood.
body cleanse
A TOTALLY random assortment of things going on since my last post.
I even have a “dangerous pet warning” on my UPS account, because of the time the driver came up to the porch and Loki attempted to attack him through the crack in the window.

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ballet slippers
PLUS, I've taken over the office radio; I hope you like TLC.
I didn't hate these girls -- I was obsessed with them, and worse, jealous.