job interviews
The husband gets asked normal questions about work and stuff, while the wife gets grilled about whether she can “handle” high school boys and if she’s hoping to get knocked up herself.
Books by female authors aren’t “geared toward” women any more than books by male authors are “geared toward” men.
women in the workplace
I downed a vodka tonic, loudly pronounced it had ne'er an effect on me, and then slammed my glass down, shattering it like I was auditioning for a minor role in Trainspotting. Clearly this was not my drink.

Dec 19, 2013 at 5:00pm | 186 comments

To suggest that even the mom cave is a place where women are essentially expected to do what they do all the time already is...rather odd.
how not to be a dick
Playing instruments under hot lights isn’t super comfortable. Please don’t make women feel like they need to wear a hoodie in order for you to pay attention to something other than their bodies.
The Higgs Boson is confusing. Things written by David Lynch are confusing. The fact that my skin is both oily AND flaky is confusing. Beer is actually pretty simple.
standup comedy
I’m a comedian, which is a male-dominated sport. And, no matter how accepting of men I’ve become, I’m still convinced that whenever a bunch of guys get together at once, things get a little dick-swingy.
You are what you wear. More specifically -- you are what other people decide you are based on what you wear.
This explains why they never appreciate my "relationships are a lot like the heavy load cycle" speech.
The guys said it was a joke, but I wasn’t the only one that didn’t find it funny. The Iraqi men bartering for me, an American female soldier, weren’t laughing either.

Jun 11, 2013 at 1:00pm | 130 comments

You know what would happen if I got a bottle of cola I couldn’t open out of a machine? I would try to furtively open it with my teeth.
classy drinks
I hate how "girly" is supposed to be an insult. So let's talk drinks. Plus recipes for three of my fave cocktails.
dude seriously?
Women students already struggle with sexual harassment in business school in particular, and polls like these only encourage male students to think of them as perks of an MBA, rather than human beings.
In a world where sexism is always satirical and satire is always sacred, hipster sexism becomes nearly impossible to challenge. It’s not only okay, but appropriate and even necessary, to incorporate other work people have produced on the subject into your own discussions.
car drama
It’s hundreds of little things like this, every week, which add up to a whole lot when you look at them together.