Being on vacation is magical and gives lady visitors an “an altered sense of reality… while minimizing perceptions of risk and long-term consequences."
friends with benefits
friends with benefits
Rocco was my fake boyfriend; he served all the same functions that a real boyfriend would, minus the commitment.
casual sex
I love sex. It’s fun. And because I love you, my daughter, I want you to have the same delights in life that I do.
"Oh, that's so easy," you may say. Did you see the "everyone feels good about" part?
I was going to hold out because girls who put out don’t get boyfriends.
booty call
What isn’t clear is the nature of the association between casual sex and poor mental health — which is the cause and which is the effect? Why is casual sex such a bummer?
casual sex
My belief system of waiting to lose my virginity had landed me with a total loser for almost three years, so maybe it was time to try the complete opposite. I enjoyed sex. Why shouldn’t I have more of it? With a variety of people?
Is it a feminist hook-up app? Or is it a sex-positive hook-up app? Whatever, it’s a hook-up app for people who want easy access to ass.
thought catalog
First, you have to release the shame about casual sex. “Just sex” is an awesome thing.
casual sex
By "casually dated," I mostly mean "made out with strangers and had sex with some of them."
casual sex
AKA the state one enters into when you have sex with a man who might previously have considered you a potential romantic partner but now considers you a casual sexual partner.

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You can and should always be able to stop a hook-up you don't want to have.
personal memoir
Did you know that the very first thing any man says to me is: "Are you going to write about this, and please don't use my name"? Did you know that this drives me absolutely crazy?
I always wondered what sort of people replied to the sex personal adverts on Craigslist. It turns out, they are people like me.
ask emily
This guy probably sucks. Nothing against him, but like 90 percent of people suck, which you rapidly realize if you spend any time on the dating scene. GOD, everyone SUCKS!
casual sex
When I was a college student, I used an email that was traceable enough that I was blackmailed by a guy who threatened to put posters all over my campus with my picture and saying what a SLUT I WAS if I didn't meet him!
white guys
I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t attracted to someone of the opposite sex because of their race. But by the time I got to an age where I actually could regulate ass, all of them happened to be black.
anonymous single girl
More coke, forgetting to eat, heroin, some lesbian stuff, becoming best-friends with some of the finest bartenders in town, more forgetting to eat, a guy with a really weird dick and a few declarations of love.