“Why didn’t you major in a STEM field instead of getting a useless degree in Communications? I majored in Electrical Engineering, and I’ve never had any trouble finding work!”
A good Work Flirt is agreeable and energetic and does whatever it takes to project ease and to foster comfort. I was in control, right?
I’m not PhD material. Not because I’m not smart enough, but because I am simply unwilling to toil away for five years to eventually maybe get a job that I probably won’t enjoy a whole heck of a lot.
having it all
With a happy family and a career, I generally feel like I've got it made. According to the current cultural dialogue, however, I do not "have it all" -- I have two halves that don't make a whole.
how not to be a dick
Being nice is my preferred method of operating, but sometimes you have to push and shove to get anything done. Sometimes you have to be a little rude.
after work activities
I was stuffed to the gills with food and alcohol, at a strip club surrounded by coworkers who I see daily in a professional setting and (to put it mildly) completely freaked out.
Don't Be an Entitled Young Person Who Expects the World to Be Handed to Her and Displays Zero Deference to People Who Have Worked Their Asses Off and Has a Lousy Attitude to Boot.

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I'm learning how to be a professional manipulator of the facts and an interpreter of the law, but I will in no way become a bloodsucking scumbag attorney who just bills hours so I can buy another Porsche for my over-sized garage in my over-sized six-bed/six-bath house.
the future
I decided to major in English because I thoroughly enjoy discussing fine literature with gay men and old people, and because really, what could be better than explaining why "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is about a brothel as a homework assignment? Nothing. Nothing is better.
pink for girls
The underlying gender inequality issues that may be leading women away from pink clothes are not going to magically vanish by putting on a blue blazer in the morning.
Even if you have one of those 9 to 5 jobs I’ve heard about, everybody will eventually have to pull some kind of marathon session in their lifetime -- and these style ideas can definitely help you out.
I decided to talk to some disabled researchers, academics, and more to find out more about the specific problems disabled STEMers face -- and how to fix them.
The expression on my “work” face never betrays the fact that I am often listening to the most ignorant rap music at my desk.

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Being the priest’s kid defined me and my siblings even more so than being the children of a disabled person.
In the age of the Internet, especially, when everything may be recorded and nothing is forgotten, I think it’s time that we, as a society, broaden the spectrum of who constitutes a good employee.

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Hate the industry, love the craft.

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As usual, women are the glue silently keeping everything together, and, as usual, they get zero credit for it.
A growing number of people are eschewing traditional legal or financial career routes for a chance to launch their own businesses or join startups. They are enticed by the opportunity to do what they consider to be more innovative and more meaningful work,

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There are far, far cheaper ways to find a husband.
I used to be so dazzled by words. Not anymore.

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Nail art might just be the only form of primping and grooming that isn't rooted in making oneself more appealing to men or exploiting women's insecurities.