Do you think there's a shelter for unwanted Home Depot managers somewhere?
prison reform
Thanks to poor medical care across US prisons, a term in prison can become a life sentence, with states slashing funding and private medical firms competing to cut costs.
capitalism is not your friend
Mayer thinks maternity leave is for chumps, wants to abolish working from home, and seems to have a vision of “equality” that involves women being just like men -- even though they live in a society where this isn’t feasible.
breast cancer awareness
Some people say that anything is okay so long as it's for a cause. Sorry, but I disagree.
capitalism is not your friend
Monsanto is feeding something, all right: its coffers. One costly lawsuit at a time.
american apparel
I love American Apparel! Almost as much as I love lounging around in shiny gold underwear with porny lighting, a scrunchie ponytail, and my butt in the air.
capitalism is not your friend
Reform isn’t going to come about through capitalism and approaches rooted in the current system, because the system is broken.