If ride-share apps operate in a totally different way to old-school taxis, how can we ensure people are aware of this -- and what are the steps we all need to take to keep safe?

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vagina vagina vagina
I hate to admit that I was jealous of a three year old. Even writing it now I feel ashamed.
What could a white female COO whose net worth is more than $1 billion tell a black female writer like me about how to succeed professionally? Fortunately there's a new book that picks up where 'Lean In' left off.
Next time you ask an actress her age and she pretends she didn’t hear you, know that she is probably just looking out for her career.

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lean in
Someone working at Taco Bell or Burger King is not going to be able to have the same work-life balance discussion that someone who works for Facebook or The New York Times. Sheryl

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So you registered a Tumblr and Twitter with your unique handle? Great. Let's keep building your empire.

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To hell with moving “upstate” and starting “bed and breakfast.” I was moving to Alaska and starting a hotel. Later on in the day, when I read about those Shetland ponies wearing sweaters, it became absolutely clear that they had to be hired to work in the hotel. Don’t worry - we will make sure they are wearing adequately insulated parkas.

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There are shit weeks with no sales at all. Then, you wake up and check your phone to see that some saint in the West Village ordered five gowns last night and paid your entire rent for the month.

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shopping locally
We never imagined a life without Leonard's, the women's apparel store my grandmother worked at as a teenager in the 1940s, went on to purchase in the 1960s and owned all the way until 1999.
dude seriously?
Women students already struggle with sexual harassment in business school in particular, and polls like these only encourage male students to think of them as perks of an MBA, rather than human beings.
Suddenly, a nearly instant gratification factor will be available through Amazon, and that removes an incentive to shop local and shop independent. Why buy in person when you can get it cheaper, and almost as quickly, over the Internet?
I had a baby with my ex-boss's ex-husband (& it's ex-tra complicated).