For my friends, methamphetamine is a plot device, a prop in a show. For me it has been the very real possibility that my brother would burn our house down while we slept.
I don't know how to address the situation with my brother when I feel so emotionally estranged from him.
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The summer he was 11, my brother started throwing up. And yes, I feel directly responsible for his bulimia.
There's always a lesson to be found in bad things that happen, and I've been trying to apply that to my parents' divorce.
I am going to be 34 in a few months and I still have not seen all of Thriller in one viewing.
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The circumstances were unclear. He'd been at a friend's house -- an older woman we didn't know -- and he'd been drinking, and someone had called the police, and now he was in jail.
There have been a lot of fires in my 'hood lately, which made me realize I should get renters insurance. And create an escape plan for Lamby.