To think, I actually used to consider it cute that he couldn’t fall asleep without old episodes of “30 Rock” blaring from the laptop on his nightstand.
I've never had a breakup, not a real one, not one where you both decide that things are not working out, or where one of you walks out, not one that breaks your heart into tiny little pieces.
Being friends with the women I'm attracted to is not a duty; it's a privilege. I don't hold them responsible for their own non-attraction to me, or privately begrudge them dates with others.
gaining weight
Over 12 months of date nights, meaningful quality time, and copious amounts of PDA…. and over 30 pounds of body mass that I cannot account for.
I decided to trust Eric, believing his relationship with Angie was clearly innocent. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well -- they got engaged last month.
concern trolling
My boyfriend concern trolls me and it's really annoying.
you are the advice columnist
you are the advice columnist
I was baffled that he wouldn't stand up for me. I don't know what a sibling bond is like, but I couldn't imagine allowing anyone in my life, no matter how close, treat him in a similar fashion.
I called his office, he told me that his phone died, that he forgot his charger at home. He’d call me later. 10 days of nothing. He disappeared.
I knew it would make a good story even as it was happening, so sitcom-like was its awesome comedic awkwardness.
I swear if you sliced my last boyfriend open you’d find him to be 70% Del Taco, 20% gatorade and 15% frozen fish sticks. Also: he was bad at math.
men's fashion
It doesn’t have to just be your boyfriend or husband, it could be your brother, your best friend, even your dad. Hell, all guys could use a little cleaning up. Except me.
you are the advice columnist
How should I approach this? Or do you guys have any methods that you have used that I could suggest or implement?
How do we manage if wine features heavily in our lifestyles, so my trust will be constantly in jeopardy?
Our size difference is so noticeable, in fact, that when a mutual friend introduced us, even she couldn’t get behind the idea that we’d somehow form a relationship.
the frisky
When I spend the night at my guy’s place, there is no makeup mirror.
I'm finding out that I have value as a person and not just as a picture outside a theater.
the frisky
Last Sunday, John informed me we were going to do a juice cleanse.
Did I mention that a huge part of always having a boyfriend is to literally have no standards?
I had given up on love, but a year after meeting my boyfriend at Sci Fi Speed Dating, he showed me just how much my outlook had changed.