body hair
"How do you bring up pubic trimming/shaving to a woman?" a guy I know asked me via Facebook message.
Spoiler alert: we're still married, and I'm still fat. This is not an article about how to help your spouse to lose weight.
I was hammered, and he was not. He was an employee of a major corporation paid to serve alcohol to patrons, and he gave me wine and touched me when he knew I was impaired.

Jan 24, 2013 at 11:00am | 195 comments

father daughter bond
In New York City recently, a father showed up at his daughter’s school swinging, I kid you not, a chain and padlock, demanding to know who was having sexual intercourse with his daughter/
vagina vagina vagina
You’ve got to keep your vagina under lock and make sure to keep a close eye on it so it doesn’t run off, because other people can’t be blamed when they see a vagina just lying around and decide to take it.
body autonomy
It happened to me: I got groped at work. Against my will. And then I blamed myself for it.
being a good person
I'm on a fat people mailing list and, every new year, there is the same discussion. It's the gleeful discussion of how people's new year's diets are doomed to fail.