When I discovered a beauty brand that made all of their shampoos and body washes with beer, I was like “Wait…"

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Just think of all the moisturizing showers you can get outta this prize! Your skin will be SO excited.
dry skin
father's day
I’m a guy, so I DO IN FACT know a lot about men’s products. Here are some that you should buy for your father so you will finally get the fatherly approval that you have so long been thirsting for.
Give me a product with honey in it and I'm hooked, and these great products from Beecology are no exception.
bath products
I couldn't survive without my bathtub, and all of the wonderful products inside of it.
bath products
I have a mild case of the New Year Blues, which I've been fighting off with wonderfully scented new bath products. You're welcome to join me (but please use your own tub, dude).
body wash
My life has been so boring lately that today I’m literally writing about what I’ve been using in the shower, and you just have to deal.

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Bees are just about the coolest little dudes out there, and they can improve your beauty product collection too!