You probably don't know, because so few places are doing it. But let's just imagine if they did for a moment.
Slowly, my “100% straight” label peeled back to reveal something pretty queer underneath.
weight loss
Remarking on someone’s weight loss is a bad conversation starter, period.
OR: A brief history of why I hated doctors for so long, and why I finally stopped.
None of us is bulletproof. We all have our private moments of body shame. What made this effort meaningful is the fact that we pushed through all those anxieties to do it.
body politics
Maybe I’ve personally reached a point where, forced to choose, I prefer rudeness to disingenuousness -- although I’d really prefer neither. At least when someone calls me a fatass, it’s sincere.

Jun 5, 2014 at 11:00am | 385 comments

“Nobody wants to see that,” says every insulting commenter ever.
Oh, were you feeling good about yourself for a minute there? The world can fix that for you.
fat acceptance
Sometimes a shallow and facile understanding of a complex movement is just fine. And sometimes you need to spend some more time on Wikipedia reading up.
body politics
This wasn't written about me (so far as I know). But as someone who's received a lot of this type of workout "encouragement" over the years, I have a response anyway.
obesity panic
Surprise, the media coverage of a new obesity study is misleading and inaccurate and I'm explaining why.

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Note to the producers of "Archer": Put Pam Poovey back, or so help me I will come drown you one by one in a bathtub of green Russians.
plus size
I see more and more people recoiling from the term "plus size" like it's a total slam. What's up with that?
New research looks at the connections between obesity and economics, and big surprise, it turns out things are more complicated than just "personal responsibility" and "eating too much."
A UK hospital is teaching its employees to be more sensitive to their fat patients by making them wear a fat suit. Unfortunately this noble effort undertaken in the best of intentions is totally freaking misguided and rooted in the same assumptions that cause problems in the first place.
I’m not trying to be hard on you, fashion magazines. It’s just that you seem to be indulging some weird phobia about putting a plus-sized woman on your cover in any circumstances other than a flapping tent or an extreme close-up.
open thread
Last week a thing happened on Twitter and Instagram in which some dicks made a hashtag called "#fatshamingweek" and a bunch of other dicks were all FAT PEOPLE SUCK LOL and I didn't write about it.
Many critics are very deeply concerned about Rebel Wilson's fat jokes, but probably not for the right reasons.
No matter what I do, or how mindful I am about my eating and exercise habits (without pushing myself into unhealthy habits), the numbers keep crawling upward.

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No one ever said to me, "Hey, I’m sorry I contributed to the development of a powerful self-loathing for basically all of your most formative years, which you would then have to spend the next decade unpacking!" No one ever acknowledged that this was a bad idea.