None of us is bulletproof. We all have our private moments of body shame. What made this effort meaningful is the fact that we pushed through all those anxieties to do it.
fat guys
I like lots of kinds of bodies. Fat dudes are on that list.
fat acceptance
Sometimes a shallow and facile understanding of a complex movement is just fine. And sometimes you need to spend some more time on Wikipedia reading up.
I stopped hating my body when I realized that number doesn’t mean dick.

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Why are we so freakin' stingy with our sympathy when it comes to "enormous" fat women? What the hell is wrong with us?

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This wasn't written about me (so far as I know). But as someone who's received a lot of this type of workout "encouragement" over the years, I have a response anyway.
The concentrated messaging the instant you walked through the door was that fat women could also be stylish and sexy, dammit, and if you didn't believe in the possibility of that, you were in the wrong store.
plastic surgery
A noted Beverly Hills surgeon admits he gave his now-wife a 'Wonder Woman' makeover before asking her to marry him -- on their first date. (Also, uggghhh to body-shaming partners.)
Spoiler alert: we're still married, and I'm still fat. This is not an article about how to help your spouse to lose weight.
eating disorders
In the third installment of a never-ending series, I attempt to talk Emily out of going back to Weight Watchers.
body acceptance
Just when we thought it was safe to come out of the water, or in my case, from the bottom of the KFC bucket.
FAT IS NOT MAKING YOU UNHAPPY. All our accumulated cultural crap around bodies and expectations are.
body image
UGH, I’m getting all serious again. Sorry, but stomach flu just isn’t conducive to beauty writing. This will be brief!
The way folks talk, you'd think fat people and skinny people are locked in a battle to the death over the acceptability of bodies and that, Highlander style, in the end there can be only one.
Skinny women are more often thought of as mean, controlling and superficial, while fat women are seen as lazy, sloppy and slow.
Lashing out at thin women to tell them they aren’t wanted isn’t the way to address disparities and prejudices in fashion.
Fat women of color, women with guts, women with flat butts or flat chests, women with double chins -- these women are rarely represented by anyone, still.

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tracy anderson
Or mine, or yours. But that doesn't mean people will stop offering unsolicited advice on how we should strive to 'improve' ourselves. Ugh.
body acceptance
I’ll freely admit I would be super interested in a fitness environment that didn’t treat me like a freaking disease.
I accept my body and I want my kids to accept theirs too.
ihtm contest
I knew that I hadn’t been taking care of myself, but this was the most unpleasant wake-up call of my life. I didn’t know if I could change my fate, but I vowed to try.