Government interference with the operations of businesses should be anathema to Republicans, yet when it comes to abortion, their supposed core values go right out the window.
If I may nest my points for a moment, 51% of the electorate is not a special interest group, and women’s issues are important issues.
disability rights
This is a situation where bodily autonomy and choice are colliding and it’s very, very messy.
birth control
Getting a glimpse under the hood of anti-choice attitudes about birth control explains why they’re so determined to ban it, and why it’s so important to protect access.
“Forcible rape” excludes a host of sexual violations which, despite conservative beliefs, really are rape. And, oddly enough, being told that what you experienced wasn’t “really” rape tends to have a detrimental impact on victims and survivors.
As it stands now, over half of California counties do not have accessible abortion providers, and people may need to travel four hours or more to access care.
I’m a disabled person, and I actually wholly support prenatal screening and full access to prenatal care, because I think it can result in healthier pregnancies and better outcomes for both pregnant people and infants.
I received a lifesaving abortion from a team of highly professional, skilled, and compassionate health care providers. Everyone, everywhere, should have access to the level of care I had at all times and in all situations, no questions asked.